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Eugene Delgaudio: Future For US: Gay Couple Demands New House Due to Neighbors

Lesbian couple demand new house because their neighbors' homophobic bullying means they can't work

The Daily Mail reports:

A lesbian couple claiming £22,000 a year in benefits want a new house from the council for their four children, saying they are too stressed to work.

Civil partners Lisa and Carrie-Ann Beaney say homophobic bullying from neighbours has left them unable to hold down a job.

Carrie-Ann, 23, has never worked and Lisa, 30, quit her McDonald's job after three months because it made her too anxious.

It meant when the government's benefit cap was introduced their housing payments were slashed and the pair were evicted from their rented home.

Since then they have been living in a single B&B room at a cost of £608 a week to the taxpayer. On top of their £21,900-a-year income from child and income support, that totals an equivalent cost to taxpayers of £53,000 a year.

The couple argue they would be able to work if they weren't bullied about their sexuality - and afford a house themselves.