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Sham: Cheney Sisters Do Two Step On Gay Rights, One "Tears Down The Other"

Upfront, short and sweet: The current mix up between sisters is a charade or sham to falsely portray Senate Candidate Liz Cheney as the brave pro-family conservative against a pro-gay rights father and lesbian sister.

The homosexual lobby celebrity Mary Cheney will reap additional benefits from her national audience and the Wyoming bound former Virginia resident Liz Cheney will get sympathy from the smaller Wyoming audience, " says Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate.

It can be very confusing. Dick Cheney supported gay rights out of love for his daughter.

Both daughters, one gay, supported the father. And Mary Cheney has been on the payroll of the homosexual lobbies and their allies and pushes gay rights around the clock.

Liz Cheney (not lesbian) is running. Mary Cheney, the mega media celebrity, her sister, who is openly promoting lesbian causes for a decade.

Yes, Liz Cheney the candidate for U.S. Senator just discovered she has a difference of opinion between herself and her father the Vice President on this issue that the American news media, Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court and millions of Americans have debated, reported or been disappointed about.

And "Poof" just like that its a discussion for the rest of us as if it just plain happened.

Where exactly was Liz Cheney when the entire country has to put up the unchallenged (from her) Dick Cheny and Mary Cheney's pro-homosexual rants for more than a decade?

Its a little like supporting any other relative of any other famous American elected official (Bush, Kennedy, Clinton, etc.) and getting the family as a bonus.

Most people ignore the foibles and decide on the merits. Its just a diversion.

America knows this well: nobody is allowed to have differences with the gay lobby.

And sisters always fight but this is not a traditional fight that Americans can afford to lose.

Mike Enzi is a good conservative who is pro-family and has had few mistakes in the Senate other than a bill to help the Chamber of Commerce fend off the internet free market. (Make Enzi read the Drudge Report in reverse and make him buy only things on Craig's List and Amazon.)

The incumbent U.S. Senate is supported by conservative Senator Rand Paul

"I don't know much about her or her politics, really, I am a friend of Sen. Enzi and while we aren't exactly the same, I consider him a good conservative."

National Journal ranked Mike Emzi the sixth-most conservative member of the Senate.

The liberal left US News CARRIE WOFFORD sides with the homosexual lobby (as on cue):

"a candidate (Liz Cheney) who is willing to say whatever it takes to win an election - including causing personal hurt to her sister - is not likely to be a leader who can help right the sinking ship."

"...... instead of sharing with Wyoming residents the love that she feels for her lesbian sister, and trying to help spread tolerance, Liz Cheney pandered to Wyoming's most homophobic constituents."

Besides this being extremely old news or made up and contrived news, it was trumped up just 2 months ago and now again in today's media cycle.

Expect to hear it hundreds of times.