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Eugene Delgaudio 2005 and Today: "Freedom' is not embracing perversion."

"I have not changed my mind. I stand by my stand against what former Vice President Richard Cheney said in 2005 and what his homosexual activist daughter says today,

"Freedom" is not embracing perversion, " said Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

In 2005, USA TODAY and many other news groups in reporting Public Advocate's opposition to Judge John Roberts also reported:

"Delgaudio has assailed (the Bush) administration views in the past. Last year, Vice President Dick Cheney said of gay marriage: ''Freedom means freedom for everyone."

Delgaudio said: '' 'Freedom' is not embracing perversion."

The Associated Press also reported:

"This is not the first time Delgaudio has gone up against the Bush administration. He criticized Vice President Dick Cheney last year after the vice president, when asked about gay marriage, said, "Freedom means freedom for everyone."

Delgaudio said then: "'Freedom' is not embracing perversion." "

(Public Advocate first responded on August 24 2004

Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio released the following statement, August 24, 2004, today condeming Vice President Cheney's warm embrace of the homosexual lifestyle choice.

"The Republican's party's top senior official long known for brilliant
strategy and conservative issue development, former Congressman and
current Vice President Richard Cheney, confuses love for his openly
lesbian daughter with embracing an entire alternative lifestyle and in
the process yields a major moral plank to its powerful lobby...... )

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