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Liz and Mary's Mom: Lynn Cheney's Book Of Lesbianism

Amazon offers this review:

"From Lynne Cheney, the wife of Vice President Dick Cheney, comes a riveting tale of women in the American frontier.

The novel of a strong and beautiful woman who broke all the rules of the American frontier... "

It is the one of the few fictions on lesbians in the western American frontier. Or maybe there is another reason it is out of print and available in paperback for ONLY Three hundred and fifty two dollars.

Or would it be because of the "controversy" that a so-called conservative leader writes a book about two sisters and their lesbianism, continues to claim to be pro-family and both of her daughters support homosexual rights most of their lives?

The liberal news media has had a field day with this apparent coincidence.

The leftist CNN reported years ago:

Readers will have a hard time judging the content of the book for themselves. The few copies available are selling for hundreds of dollars each.

Reviews have long described the book as "racy" and "steamy." Excerpts highlight a love story between two women and talk of sharing a bed.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee sent out a news release listing sexual passages in books by Cheney and other GOP conservatives, including Dick Cheney's former chief of staff I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

The DSCC said Cheney's books featured brothels and attempted rape.

Though asked by CNN, Cheney did not discuss the imagery included in "Sisters."

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