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Old Liberal Creep Bill Maher Kisses Chris Christie On The Lips

Commedy Central loves Public Advocate or at least our jokes when we tell them.

There was the White House Drug Testing Station with actual paper cups during the Clinton era, "Bush Packing" (refering to a campaign by Public Advocate to successfully pressure a Republican nominated Supreme Court nominee into withdrawing), Saddamy Free Zone (combining Sodomy with Saddam Hussein, and then the famously hilarious "cross dressing freak" news segment.

That's just a partial list of things Commedy Central has been using courtesy of Public Advocate.

This week Bill Maher said New Jersey Governor Chris Christie " is an "excellent politician" who could easily win the Republican nod for the White House in 2016, left-leaning comedian Bill Maher told MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell on Tuesday, " according to the Washington Times.

His beauty and brilliance is that he's able to energize both sides of the political aisle, Mr. Maher said.

"What I hear, from the left, is, 'Oh, you don't realize how conservative Chris Christie really is. He's not really a moderate.' And what I hear from the right is the exact opposite," Mr. Maher said.

And for that, Mr. Christie has a better than average chance to win the presidency, he said.


Regarding Chris Christie's brillance, here is a picture of the Governors Brain:

And as far as beauty is concerned, here is the campaign headquarters banner sign that got a lot of volunteers in his successful re-election campaign:

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