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Pope Francis Attacks All of Capitalism Instead of the Companies Opening on Thanksgiving.

Pope Francis who actually had done a lot in a short time has now embraced socialism.

Breitbart reports: In a far-ranging 50,000 word statement released by Pope Francis on Tuesday, he illustrated that he is sympathetic to the tenets of liberation theology and hostile to capitalism.

Liberation theology, which is a recent movement that essentially began at the second Latin American Bishops' Conference in Colombia in 1968, believes that social systems that contribute to the economic state of the poor should be overthrown. At that conference, the teachings of Jesus Christ were combined with those of Karl Marx to call for violent revolution to overthrow capitalism. The text that emerged that was later used as inspiration was A Theology of Liberation,

Worldnet Daily reports "(Pope)Francis sets a clearly anti-market tone that makes no attempt to hide his affinity with the anti-capitalist themes common to socialist manifestos of the past century."

Urging Christians to reject to what he characterizes as "the new idolatry of money," the pope believes income redistribution is essential to a moral theory of economics.