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EUGENE DELGAUDIO: HAPPY THANKSGIVING MESSAGE We are not going to bow down to unworldly....perverse attacks

Statement by Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate sent to supporters on Thursday November 28, Thanksgiving Day 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

I have a lot to be thankful as always. God has blessed me and this country in many ways and the memory I have of Thanksgiving is always the appreciation expressed to God by everybody at the dinner table.

At the first Thanksgiving, the settlers celebrated for three days, with 90 Indian guests, the pilgrims said "By the goodness of God we are far from want."

Pushing immorality and ugly sin as a virtue is considered by Christians to be an insult to God and our family and would have been the opposite of what we were all attempting to do: be respectful for one day as a Nation and thank God for granting us our lives, our country and our success.

Multiply that emotion for effect by the first settlers.

The survival of our first settlement was in doubt and had there not been that universal appreciation for God and his values, that first settlement would have been a failed attempt with more lives lost and America might not exist at all.

Like Christmas, Thanksgiving has always been under attack.

First "Black Friday" and then even shopping on the actual federal holiday today.

The wonderful holiday memories we all have do not include shopping on this day meant for gratitude and family.

Nor do they include the always obscene pop star prostitute "Lady Gaga" and her "sex muppets" aired last night on television.

On Thanksgiving Eve, Lady Gaga corrupted puppets meant for children in a national broadcast.

"Gaga" screams pro-homosexual, anti-Christian rants parading in the nude publicly -- spawning copy cat screechers who chant and gyrate the same language: obscenity.

American values do not include "coming out of the closet for Thanksgiving" as the homosexual lobbies and the liberal Washington Posts demand.

I am not going to forget our values or a time when America lived by them.

I am not going to bow down to a foreign and unworldly set of perverse attacks on good and sound traditions just because it is shouted from the major media megaphones and loudspeakers around the clock and in the public square.

Just like the early settlers who fled tyranny and pursued the freedom to practice their religious beliefs, so you and I continue together as they did before us.

We know to give thanks to God for our abundance personally, for our lives and our many gifts as a nation.

I hope your Thanksgiving is traditional in every way with expressions to God and Godly values.

God Bless you and your family.