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Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage Hate Socialism and Fake Capitalism, Should Take Second Look at Pope Francis "Embrace" of the Poor Over the Rich

Video: Rev. Robert A. Sirico Comments on the Economic Views of Pope Francis in 'Evangelii Gaudium'

Moral leadership requires Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage to revisit and take a second look at the moral crusade of some who wish to voluntarily share their lives as successful capitalists with the disadvantaged as a vocation and this concept is what some economic crusaders have attempted to do in most organized religions and in most nations.

Pope Franicis while grabbing world headlines condemning poverty, seems to be open to this potential collaboration of "shared prosperity as a vocation" according to Rev. Robert Sirico who clearly read the 75,000 word 85 page message being critically reviewed by Limbaugh and Savage.

Rev. Robert A. Sirico, co-founder and president of the Acton Institute (remember him? "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, -- that guy), offers some general observations about the new "Apostolic Exhortation" published Nov. 26 by Pope Francis. Specifically, Rev. Sirico addresses the economic content of the work, titled "Evangelii Gaudium" (The Joy of the Gospel) and poses some questions for further reflection.

Rev. Sirico says (approximate quotes)

"there are aspects of (Pope Francis's) Gaudium that deal with economics, I encourage you to read all 85 pages (for other things.)

who better than the pope to direct our attention to the poor....who live in unacceptable conditions who better than a religious leader to focus our attention challenge us with some real obligations that we is worthy of our consideration...

when we look at this document we see a variety of concerns it is important to note that the pope is not animated by political issues..... he says this in the 208th paragraph, that he has serious concerns and these concerns he says might be irksome to some......

Sirico proposes some questions about how we respond to temporary do we respond to the welfare mentality versus the benefits of the market economy

how do we square temporary solutions by ...imposed by political structures with these permanent structural solutions that we see being made possible that people have access to work as never before....that people are alive today due to these (economic improvements.) " (unquote)

Sirico reasons that Pope Francis is aware of and hopeful that some systemic approach is possible including market conditions to solve poverty which coincidentally is the mission of the Acton Institute and completely contrary to the brief renditions presented by Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage this past Wednesday afternoon and evening, respectively.

Watch the video for yourself: