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Eugene Delgaudio: As predicted: Homosexuals Massively Assault Private Catholic School for Being Catholic-- in front of Millions

New York, home to most major media, is going "gay crazy" against a Catholic School at the moment.

One online report:

The prestigious Cardinal Spellman High School in the Bronx, created precisely to teach inner-city kids whose parents fight to keep them out of the disastrous New York Public School system, is under fire for inviting a Catholic priest to speak on Catholic teaching.

A Spellman parents' group invited Reverend Donald Timone to talk about Church teaching on homosexuality and a Church-sanctioned program for gays who want to live in accordance with Church teaching. The program is called Courage, and has chapters all over the country, and overseas.

You would have thought Hitler was coming to town rather than a kindly octogenarian priest. The New York Daily News headline screamed, "Rev. Donald Timone - who advocates 'pray away the gay' - will speak at Cardinal Spellman High School."

The Catholic Thing website says "The event likely would have gone off without a hitch except for a claque of gay alums who watch and wait to impose their views on Spellman. How else did this local story break out into the most important newspaper in the world?"