Defending the family

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Washington Post In Complete Kaos As Duck Storm Destroys Media Monopoly

The liberal Washington Post "reports"

Few could have predicted that the story lines of the hit A&E reality show "Duck Dynasty" and the 2016 presidential contest would converge.

But that unexpected mash-up played out Thursday as conservative politicians rushed to defend Phil Robertson, the shaggy-bearded, homespun star of the breakout series, who was suspended by the cable network after his published comments about gays stirred a storm of controversy.

Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio says:

The Post quotes Ralph Reed as a pro-family leader who attempts to defend Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. The last time we heard from Mr. Reed, he was selling out the Boy Scouts of America into accepting homosexual Boy Scout recruiters.

Now he, Ralph Reed, seems to not mind as he describes a concilatory non-confrontational perspective -- while seemingly being used to bolster the Washington Posts' attacks on Christians, presidential candidates defending Duck Dynasty, and reporting on how tiny the pro-family movement is today.

"The Washington Post will never understand the pro-family movement because it is a dedicated vehicle for attacking it," says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.