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Eugene Delgaudio: Gay Lobby Has Their Foot On Our Throat. But We Have Found Our Voice. Thank God.

For Release Saturday 3 p.m. December 28 2013

In a nationwide message Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate says:

God gave you and me a Christmas miracle.

On Friday the A and E TV channel said "A&E has decided to resume filming Duck Dynasty later this spring with the entire Robertson family...."

This is what we demanded.

Thank you everybody for dropping everything and helping this man on very short notice.

In just days we collected and delivered overnight your signed petition along with 78,351 other petitions demanding that A and E restore Phil Robertson to his Duck Dynasty show.

You moved the country. You moved America and reversed the homosexual onslaught that
was seemed unstoppable and they were advancing on this man, his family and would silence ALL OF US.

The move to cut this man's, Phil Robertson's, tongue, was swift, cold and without notice.

And just as swift you rode the internet to the rescue as one. I have witnessed a miracle.

Public Advocate was the very first organization to write its national membership in the United States.

The miracle of your response is God's work with your cooperation. Amen.

Within minutes, and hours, of your response and late that same day, Thursday, of our first action, every major organization joined you and Public Advocate in a thunderous action in a rising crescendo.

Phil Robertson spoke for himself and his beliefs and said so, but in doing so he spoke to America's heart and to you and me directly as never before.

The words I refer to were Godly words and we are lucky to recognize these precious and respectful values.

"Cut out his tongue, silence him forever" came the demands from the homosexual lobby in full media
saturation on every news show.

This many headed homosexual rights hydra has dozens of major organizations with thousands of full time employees and embedded fellow travelers and "team players" in the government, the White House,the Congress and the news media.

Yet you, the supporters of Public Advocate and millions of Americans, dropped what you were doing and responded quickly-- like Minute Men in the American Revolution.

Sometimes we get a victory. Often victory is seldom coming in recent times. But the fight is required and resistance to evil outcomes is necessary every day in every way.

This is clearly one of those victories that seemed impossible and is God's way of saying: fight for what is right no matter the chance of a successful outcome.

Stand for what you believe in when you are called. That's God's instruction which some of us take for granted.

I do not take that for granted. I do not take your devotion to God lightly as I carefully examine my own prayerful existence every day.

But I am giving thanks to God for this victory as we all should and am giving credit to you for your singular action which saved America from a wrongful action which would have ended our ability to ever have a man or woman in public speak their mind about God and his values.


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