Defending the family

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Look up Mercury Alert, or "Mercury Incident". When a thermometer is broken, the entire room, street, house is declared a certified disaster area.

Then hours, days or weeks later, the area is cleaned up and finally after a complete and guaranteed disruption, the area is inspected again and declared a safe area.

Example here of a "small mercury spill" at this link

Small Mercury Spill at Flinn Middle School


Part of the Federal Government's "move toward greater energy independence" was to phase out the manufacture and sale of the most popular light bulb used by every household in the nation, the 40W and 60W incandescent bulb. In its place, alternative, costly and mercury-filled CFLs are manufactured in China, and incandescent factories in the US have been shuttered. -.............

The protection of consumers is a fairly ludicrous purpose, considering that the next-most affordable light bulb, the CFL, contains as much mercury, when broken, as the mercury coming out of the stack of the coal plant that was used to power it. -........

........The phasing out of the most popular light bulb in the nation, and the force of government to put in your home the danger they will not allow to power your home is the mixed bag of contradiction, hypocrisy, and nanny-statism that is increasingly troubling Americans of all political stripes. -

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