Defending the family

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The Saint Patrick's Day Rebellion: average pro-Family Americans are still willing to fight! And Public Advocate's Eugene Delgaudio Stands with You.

In a special Sunday message, Eugene Delgaudio told supporters of Public Advocate:

The St. Patrick's Day parades in New York City and Boston may soon be a thing of the past.

The Homosexual Lobby declared war this week on the pro-family organizations that have historically organized these religious events.

You see, in keeping with Catholic tradition, these parades have never allowed homosexual "pride" groups to march in the parade.

They refuse to allow their platform to be used to endorse the radical Homosexual Agenda.

And this year was no different.

However the Homosexual Lobby has gotten their way a lot lately -- and they were shocked when the Irish organizers stood up to them and said "No."

Only a few weeks ago, the Homosexual Lobby threatened an entire state and forced a conservative governor to back down.

Well the politicians may be willing to cave, but average pro-Family Americans are still willing to fight!

And now the Homosexual Lobby and their allies are in a rage over having been denied.

Activists are now calling for the NYPD -- a known ally of the Homosexual Lobby -- to revoke the parade permit for St. Patty's day parades in the future.

If they have their way, pro-Family expression and public displays will be completely banned.

Hypocritically, these calls for official discrimination of Christians are coming just weeks after radical homosexuals cried foul over the numerous Religious Freedom Protection Acts in America.

They claimed those bills would allow discrimination of homosexuals and homosexual "marriage."

But they are happy to discriminate against anyone they don't like.

Major corporate sponsors, including Sam Adams Beer, pulled out of the parade unless homosexuals are included.

You see, the Homosexual Lobby does not care about fairness or even the rule of law.

What they do care about is stamping any opposition to their radical ideology.

As long as you and I and other pro-Family Americans are willing speak out in support of real marriage, strong families and traditional values, they will try to silence us.

That's why Public Advocate will never back down, and I hope you will continue to stand with us.