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Public Advocate's Eugene Delgaudio Issues "Final Political Warning" In South Carolina before next phase of Survey Campaign

On May 12th, ten days ago, Eugene Delgaudio presidient of Public Advocate sent out his last pleading

asking U.S. Senate Candidates in South Carolina to respond to his candidate survey in that state.

He called out incumbent Senator Lindsay Graham and others to respond as soon as possible.

Delgaudio said in part:

"A few candidates are still refusing to answer Public Advocate's survey: incumbent Senator Lindsey Graham, Nancy Mace and Jay Stamper.

But most have answered 100% pro-Family: Lee Bright, Bill Connor, Richard Cash -- and now Det Bowers.

Please take a minute to contact Mr. Bowers and thank him for his survey.

And then, if you have time please contact as many other candidates.

You can find all the contact info by clicking here. "

This is the lin to the contact information for all Senate Candidates.