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Worst Decision In History: Five For One Swap followed by Even More Strange Announcement


The day after President Barack Obama released five of the worst serial killers alive to the Taliban, his Justice Department announced a "crackdown" on domestic terrorists.

So dangerous killers who murdered thousands are released to attack Americans and the world, again, and there is a "domestic terrorism" problem?

Storyleaks says:

"In a video posted to the department's website Monday, which was later removed, Holder argued that the focus on terrorism should "return" to the U.S. as opposed to remaining overseas.

"We face an escalating danger from self-radicalized individuals within our own borders," Holder said. "As the nature of the threat we face evolves to include the possibility of individual radicalization via the Internet, it is critical that we return our focus to potential extremists here at home."

The "Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee," an admittedly revamped version of Janet Reno's post Oklahoma City bombing task force, will include U.S. Attorneys as well as members from the FBI and Justice Department's National Security Division."

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