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Thank You Washington Post, One News Now, Daily Caller, Pink News and Patch for FEDERAL LAW SUIT OVER REPORTS

Washington Post: Case against advocacy group tied to Loudoun County supervisor ends in settlement

A federal case involving a same-sex couple who alleged that Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene A. Delgaudio's conservative advocacy group illegally used their private engagement photograph has ended in a settlement agreement between Delgaudio's group, Public Advocate of the United States, and the photographer who shot the image.

AFA"s One News Now: Lawsuit involving 'gay' photo ends

Public Advocate, targeted by a lengthy lawsuit, has reason to celebrate in a case involving a Colorado election.

Eugene Delgaudio heads Public Advocate and serves as a county supervisor in Virginia. He explains why the national organization found itself in federal court in Denver. -

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Ashburn Patch Newspaper: Settlement Reached in Federal Lawsuit Involving Same-Sex Photo

The settlement was announced Thursday in a statement by Delgaudio's organization, Public Advocate.

Judge upholds First Amendment right to use gay couple's photo in political mailers

A federal judge in Denver ruled that a political group opposed to same-sex marriage was within its First Amendment rights to use a photo of a gay couple kissing on political mailers circulated in 2012.

Pro-Homosexual Media "Pink News" Headline

US: Legal battle over use of gay kiss photo ends in settlement

A legal battle over the allegedly illegal use of a photograph of a gay couple kissing by has been settled out of court two years after it began............

The Public Advocate group on Thursday announced that the case had settled out of court, hailing the settlement as a victory.

Both parties assumed responsibility for their legal bills, and the couple waived their right to appeal.The photographer was paid just over two and a half thousand pounds to settle the remaining copyright claim.