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Delgaudio Praises Reversal of Phili Scout Policy Allowing Gays

Falls Church, VA -- Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio issued the following statement today praising the Boy Scouts of America's actions, which barred a local council's attempt to put the safety of Philadelphia Boy Scouts in danger by allowing openly declared homosexuals to be members and leaders in defiance of Scout policy:

"We are very pleased that the Boy Scouts of America brought the renegade council in Philadelphia back into line after they decided to put the safety of children at risk by admitting homosexual members and leaders in defiance of national Boy Scout Policy.

"The local council clearly had no authority to adopt a policy that flew in the face of the Boy Scouts of America's courageous decision to put children above political correctness by demanding that all members and leaders of the Scouts be "morally straight," as Public Advocate pointed out in a May 30th statement after consulting with a professional parliamentarian over this matter.

"We are very proud to stand with the Boy Scouts against those that continuously urge them to prostitute their values to receive funds from political front groups calling themselves "non-profit charities." The safety of these young men, many destined to become future leaders of our society, is clearly more important than money.

"The action taken by the national council makes it very clear that deviation from the morally straight pledge will not be tolerated and at families across the nation are applauding the continued courage of the Boy Scouts of America."

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