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DELGAUDIO ISSUES PROMISE TO FIGHT FOR RIGHT TO VOTE OUR BELIEFS....... No Black Gowned Back-stabbing Liberal Jurist Is Silencing US

In a recorded interview today with a Washington, D.C. area news media outlet,
Public Advocate Eugene Delgaudio made a statement and now releases a
complete statement here, part of which was made elsewhere:

Today with the announcement by the Supreme Court that they would not hear appeals to uphold
traditional marriage we enter a new phase to preserve America's traditional values.

We will not surrender the defense of marriage or the right to free speech for Christians
and all those Americans who believe in traditional values.

I promise you one liberal jurist, John Roberts, in a gown is not going to stop millions of
determined traditional marriage believers in our right to proclaim traditional marriage and our moral

Not without a fight.

With this decision, the Supreme Court has stripped hundreds of millions of Americans of the Right to Vote their beliefs and protect their communities and families as they see fit. It is now Supreme Court precedence that Freedom of Speech and the Right to Vote are only recognized so long as they are approved by the Liberal Establishment.

Public Advocate and its members:

* Are asking Congress to support Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in their legislation to
restore the rights taken away by the Supreme Court for states to define marriage between one
man and one woman.

* Are asking U.S. Senate candidates in both parties to support traditional marriage and to openly commit to supporting Supreme Court nominees who support one man one woman marriage.

* Are conducting Senate Candidate Survey programs asking Senators to promise to vote
for only Judicial nominees who promise to define marriage as between one man and one woman

* Will continue to focus attention on the nomination process of Supreme Court nominees
as we have for 33 years and especially expose Supreme Court nominees like John Roberts who we opposed
in 2005 and have devoted today's home page to reminding the public how we predicted John
Robert's duplicity when he was nominated.

* Has devoted resources and will continue in the future to be involved Judicial nominations, to opposing Harriet Miers (who withdrew as a candidate in 2005), opposing Judges Sonia Sotomayer,Elena Kagan or supporting Judges Clarence Thomas and Sam Alito when they were respectively nominated and others."

End of Statement

Public Advocate of the US Inc. is 501 c 4 non-profit under the IRS guidelines.