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Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate released this statement in response to
critical reporting by liberal blogs of PA's candidate survey asking that pedophilia not be
included as a "gay rights" protection.

Michigan House candidate Josh Derke has made three claims in response to Public Advocate's candidates survey. These three claims are not only wrong, but they also offer a look into the oblivious mind of a person who wishes to hold office.

The first of these claims is that pedophilia never happens. However, when we look at the cases in Mr. Derke's state of Michigan alone, the evidence drastically points to the contrary. As recently as September of this year (2014), a man has been charged with two counts of molestation and two counts of incest in Michigan City. The article can be found here. In another case taking place just last month as well, a Macomb County man was convicted of molesting two children, as seen here. Then, in a small rural town in Michigan, a teacher pleaded guilty to having a homosexual and pedophilic relationship with his 8th grade student. That article can be found here.

As we can see, pedophilia does not only happen, it happens at an alarming rate as well. I would advise Mr. Derke to become aware to that fact and to do something about it.

That brings us to Mr. Derke's second claim, that somehow these acts of pedophilia and homosexuality are exagarated. But sadly they are not. Cases of pedophilia happen all the time, and not just in Michigan. They happen throughout the United States and the world. If the cases listed above are too exagarated for Mr. Derke, then perhaps he should tell that to to victims and their families.

To further respond to Mr. Derke's point, it is fair to point out that evidence shows that homosexuals "sexually molest young boys with an incidence that is occurring from five times greater than that of molestation of girls." An article discussing this can be found here. It must also be noted that the push for gay rights has been used in court as an excuse for crimes such as incest. David Epstein, a Columbia University professor was found guilty of having a three year long intimate relationship with his daughter. In court, Mr. Epstein's lawyer said the following. "It's ok for homosexuals to do what they want at home. How is this different?" That article can be found here. Clearly, Mr. Epstein's lawyer is linking rights that the homosexuals posses to the rights that his client (who in fact did commit incest) should have.

Mr. Derke's third claim is that pedophiles are not currently looking for rights. However, an October Op-Ed in one of the most well-known newspapers in the world, the New York Times, states the contrary. In the shocking Op-Ed, Dr. Margo Kaplan suggests that pedophilia should be viewed as a disorder and not a crime. The Op-Ed can be found here. In other words, Dr. Kaplan wants to decriminalize pedophilia.

In a further push for decriminalization and rights, the members of the state legislature in California introduced a law in 2013 which wanted to make pedophilia a 'sexual orientation'. An article discussing that bill can be found here.

Ultimately, Mr. Derke needs to do some research before giving out his opinions. Pedophilia is real, and it is a real threat to our children. In the end, our children are the victims, and as long as they are the victims, in no way should we be granting pedophiles any sort of leniancy or any sort of rights, other than a right to a fair trial.


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