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Statement of Eugene Delgaudio Criticizing Courts Decision in Lawrence v. Texas

Falls Church, VA -- Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio issued the following statement today after learning of Texas families' Supreme Court defeat to the radical homosexual lobby in the case of Lawrence v. Texas. Public Advocate filled a friend of the court brief supporting Texas' case before oral arguments were heard in March, which is available upon request.

"Today's decision by the Supreme Court will likely prove to be one of the biggest setbacks for the American family in over thirty years. The court has once again violated their constitutional mandate by legislating instead of interpreting and striking down Texas' sodomy laws meant to put families above politics.

"While all pro-family Americans are saddened by this proclamation from on high, meant to appease the radical homosexual lobby, now is not a time to despair but a time to fight back for the American family. That is why Public Advocate is urging all members of congress that are friends of the family to sign on to legislation that will include a constitutional amendment protecting traditional marriages, and a new law enforcing the constitution by guaranteeing states the right to protect families, thus reversing this work of judicial activism by the court.

"This case also shows the importance of having law-abiding justices instead of wanna-be activist legislators on the federal bench. That is why Public Advocate continues to call for the end of obstructionism by Senators who seek to thwart the appointments of any pro-Constitution, pro-family nominees. Many of these Senators said that all judicial nominees deserve a full vote during the previous administration, and they should end their two-faced rhetoric by allowing Senators to vote on pro-family nominees who will follow and not rewrite the Constitution.

"All Americans who love their families and love the Constitution should not take these blows to our rights without fighting back. Never has there been a more important time for us to demand that our elected officials-our true legislators-reverse the activism of these renegade justices. We must band together to stop those who continue to viscously attack the institution that truly makes America the best and strongest nation in the world: the family."

Public Advocate has been fighting for family rights for over twenty-five years as a non-profit 501.c.4 organization. Donations are not tax-deductible. For more information contact Jesse Binnall at 703/582-7924 or by email at [email protected]. For other information about Public Advocate please call 703/845-1808.