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How Tiny Public Advocate Defeated Giant S P L C Again and Again

(BLAST FROM PAST, ORIGINAL POST FROM OCT. 22 2014, Reposted today Jan. 28 2021)

"The violent left continues to burn cities and the SPLC continues to wrecklessly encourage violence against the always peaceful Public Advocate with their online slander of Public Advocate. But they still got their little egos crushed when a tiny Public Advocate defeated them. SPLC CEO Morris Dees was drummed out and our legal and election victories still haunt him and his billion dollar slush fund foundation staff," says PA president Eugene Delgaudio.

Fourtime Losers: Back story How Tiny Public Advocate Defeated Giant Southern Poverty Law Center Again and Again

In 2012, Public Advocate advanced the Classroom Protection Act in the Tennessee Legislature. The Classroom Protection Act would have outlawed Mandatory Homosexual Education in Tennessee schools. The Southern Poverty Law Center and its allies spent millions of dollars with slick youtube video and social media efforts organizing to fight back against Public Advocate and Tennessee parents.

What the giant Southern Poverty Law Center did not consider was that tiny Public Advocate also advanced a second Classroom Protection Act called Classroom Protection Act II, then known as SB 3310.

The SPLC and their gay lobby allies jumped all over our Classroom Protection Act I with their hysterical anti-family saturation media buys.

PA's goal pure and simple was the abolition of outside groups like the SPLC from advocating their strange practices to young children. We reached our goal.

Classroom Protection Act II standardized any family related teaching so that the Southern Poverty Law Center could not initiate Mandatory Homosexual Education in Tennessee.

Because of Public Advocate supporters calls to legislators, Classroom Protection Act II is now law in Tennessee, and children across Tennessee are protected from the perverted message of the Southern Poverty Law Center and Morris Dees' grab at Tennessee children through his so-called "Teaching Tolerance" program, which teaches boys to be like girls and girls to be like boys -- according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, that type of so-called education is "gender identity."

Public Advocate saw through the tricks of the Southern Poverty Law Center and worked carefully to have two Classroom Protection Acts so that one would have a better chance of passing, and that is how Public Advocate beat the Southern Poverty Law Center. Homosexual Classrooms are now outlawed in Tennessee.

The Tennessee Legislature passed and the Governor signed SB 3310 into law in 2012 indirectly because of Public Advocate's educational campaign on the Classroom Protection Act I. All the while Public Advocate was supporting Classroom Protection Act II at the same time.

Public Advocate was at the Tennessee Capitol directly monitoring the entire situation while Public Advocate supporters continued to call key Tennessee decision makers to tell them to pass Classroom Protection for school children.

Although the actual Classroom Protection Act I failed to reach the floor for a vote, Classroom Protection Act II, SB 3310 when passed into law enacted a majority of the aims of Public Advocate.

Republican Bill Dunn and Republican Speaker Beth Harwell betrayed pro-family and fought Classroom Protection Act I and stopped the Classroom Protection Act I from going to the floor in the Calendar and Rules Committee after the Classroom Protection Act I had passed all requisite committees -- they stopped the Classroom Protection Act I by letting time run out in the 2012 legislative session.

But Public Advocate supporters and pro-family Tennesseans forced the Tennessee Legislature to pass Classroom Protection anyway through SB 3310

Here's the link to SB 3310

Here's the text of the bill SB 3310

Legislators directly credited Public Advocate supporters as the sole reason for the political capital that they had that year to pass Classroom Protection Act II, SB 3310 while the Southern Poverty Law Center and homosexual lobby were fighting the other Classroom Protection Act.

All the noise, demonstrations and news media coverage concentrated on the first bill.

After realizing that Tennesseans were overwhelmingly on the side of Public Advocate and after seeing their great loss to Public Advocate in 2012, the Southern Poverty Law Center lashed out against Public Advocate in every way they could imagine while the popularity of Public Advocate's volunteer Vice President Mark Clayton soared in the public arena.

Volunteer Clayton was widely interviewed and present for grassroots lobbying in early 2012. The SPLC was bascially banned from carrying out their propaganda campaigns in Tennessee and then they saw the volunteer grassroots lobbyist win a statewide race for U.S. Senate.

After spending millions of dollars to fight Classroom Protection Act I and then losing to Classroom Protection Act II, they, the SPLC and their liberal allies, blamed Public Advocate.

Being the hateful sore losers they are, the SPLC used the "hate" group designation to target Public Advocate and ochestrate or promote indirectly attempted domestic terrorism and then spent millions of dollars in a wasteful lawsuit against Public Advocate.

The SPLC has failed four times

1. in attempts to stop our Tennessee legislative targets,

2. grassroots political victory (the same volunteer who defeated their legislative push in the legislature also end up winning a statewide Democratic party nomination for U.S. Senator with $60 due to their wrongful assaults),

3. failed at attempts at wrecklessly slandering peaceful Public Advocate as a "hate group" and this resulted in a convicted domestic terrorist attempting to eliminate Public Advocate's CEO and staff, (and they still slander Public Advocate today )then

4. a long 2 year bogus and pitiful copyright law suit which was dismissed in federal court.