Defending the family

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Public Advocate supporters have poured phone calls and emails into the Michigan House of Representatives opposing the Gay Privilege Expansion to the Elliott-Larsen Anti-Discrimination Act.

As a result, the Homosexual Lobby has been forced to roll out massive additional funding to have even a hope of passing their bill.

The major Michigan website has reported that three major lobbying firms have been hired, and a large field staff has been rolled out in key districts.

Additionally, Speaker of the House Jase Bolger is backpedaling from his original stance.

Bolger was one of two Michigan House Republicans to receive massive payoffs this summer -- buying his support for the Gay Privilege Expansion.

But now is reporting he will only support the Expansion if it is paired with a Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Bolger has seen the outrage generated over the homosexual bill -- largely from Public Advocate supporters -- and now is desperate to appease the pro-Family Movement by sweetening the deal.

Public Advocate is alerting our supporters today of this trick; explaining that the compromise is unacceptable. They will soon flood the House again with demands that no deal be cut.

"We are going to show Mr. Bolger that the Gay Privilege Expansion is a bad idea for Michigan, no matter how he dresses it up," explained Public Advocate President, Eugene Delgaudio.