Defending the family

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Happy Thanksgiving to All Americans who Support Godly values and Public Advocate

In a Thanksgiving Day message to supporters, Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate

wrote the following (in part):

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

I salute you and thank God for this country on this holiday.

It has been a tough year but the nation responded to our call to turn out the pro-homosexual mob running rampant in Washington and voted to change things for the better.

We still have a lawless President who daily issues anti-Family edicts through his orders, departments, appointments and other actions.

We still have a deeply entrenched Homosexual Lobby in both major political parties in both Houses of Congress.

The list of Homosexual Lobby controlled power centers includes the corporate elite, the media, Hollywood, academia, and the courts.

But you and your Public Advocate -- over one million strong and reaching millions more with our education and grass roots lobbying -- has turned the tide.

I will not list the many victories for our side and the defeats for our homosexual lobby now. The string of disasters that lead up to our current hopeful status is mind-numbing and we are still surrounded by horrible conditions.

This Thanksgiving is a time to stand and give our trust in God and His generosity of nourishment and spiritual renewal that He grants us in our human existence.

We have worked and labored here. You have made sacrifices with your time and finances to put us at the very front lines of political battles all this year -- and for 33 years.

Today I have time for a big meal and to rejoice with my family and remember our nation's first Thanksgiving.

I give you thanks for your timely and reliable support, and your Godly prayers, which lift me up and give me strength to defend our commonly held moral beliefs for the sake of our country and the sake of our country's future on Earth.

End of statement to supporters.