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Michele Bachmann Wins Nobel Peace Prize On Predicting Gas Price to $2.00

The editorial board of the New York Times, Time magazine (is it still in business?) and the Washington Post convened an emergency joint editorial board town hall and apologized to former Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann over doubting her prediction in 2012 that "under President Bachmann prices for gasoline would plummet to $2.00 per gallon."

Worldnet Daily is reporting:

When Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., was running for president in 2012, Time magazine came out with particularly snarky criticism of one of her campaign promises.

On Aug. 18, 2011, in an article titled "Why Michele Bachmann's $2-a-Gallon Gas Promise Is a Fantasy," Time senior writer and energy expert Bryan Walsh mocked the congresswoman for pledging, "Under President Bachmann, you will see gasoline come down below $2 a gallon again. That will happen."

"On Wednesday Michele Bachmann said something that's just very, very wrong," Walsh quipped. "Which isn't unusual in and of itself but is something that needs to be debunked."

Continuing his derision, Walsh wrote, "If you see sub-$2-a-gallon gas again, I strongly suggest that you stock up on bottled water and canned tuna, because the economic end times may be at hand."

So when prices have now fallen to $2.00, Bachmann posted on twitter this photograph: