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Homosexual Agenda Further Indoctrinating Children

RenewAmerica is reporting:

It's bad enough that radical homosexuals are targeting Christian businesses, state laws protecting marriage and other "grown up" institutions, but what's worse is that the (so-called gay rights movement) has in its (politically) twisted cross-hairs ......... children in public schools, children who are too young to be introduced to sex lessons, much less the perverse, abominable concept of homosexual behavior. Brian Camenker of MassResistance has released a report about the militant homosexual advocacy group, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), and its degenerate offensive (plans) of pro-homosexual indoctrination of school kids all across the nation.

In the report, "Major corporations funding "gay" indoctrination in elementary schools across America," Brian writes:

It's every parent's nightmare, but true: Major U.S. corporations are funding a campaign of sophisticated, psychologically intrusive "gay" indoctrination programs targeting very young children in elementary schools across America. It's part of a very well-planned and well-funded effort to reach children as young as possible without their parents' intervention.

The national program, called "Welcoming Schools," skillfully works on the minds of young children in three ways:

(1) Introducing the concept of homosexuality to children.

(2) Telling them that homosexuality is normal and natural.

(3) Telling them that their parents or friends who portray homosexuality in a less than positive way are bad people - intolerant, bigoted, etc.

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