Defending the family

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2024 Protect the American Family Survey (For citizens)


  1. I Oppose the so-called fraud Respect for Marriage Act -- better known as the Offense of Marriage Act -- and any attempt to force homosexual "marriage" upon the entire country via the federal government

  2. Will you oppose any of your elected representatives accepting any financial or political support from the homosexual lobby?

  3. I will Support legislation, or state Constitutional referendums, to protect the Right of individual states to keep the definition of real marriage as one man and one woman for themselves.

  4. Do you oppose giving any special rights to homosexuals through legislation such as the "Gay Bill of Rights?" or the so-called "Eqaulity Act" that prohibits Christian or other religious freedoms

  5. Would you oppose legislation adding "sexual orientation" to the list of special protections for hiring in the private sector including churches, schools, hospitals and day care facilities?

  6. Is homosexuality an immoral lifestyle choice?
  7. Do you believe, as we do at Public Advocate, that you can respect homosexuals as people while opposing the political agenda of the homosexual lobby?