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Public Advocate's Eugene Delgaudio Challenges Candidates In Iowa Caucus

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Public Advocate Banner

With just a few days to go to the Iowa Caucus for both major parties, Eugene Delgaudio,
president of Public Advocate announced another effort to promote traditional family values in the Presidential campaign.

Eugene Delgaudio told supporters (QUOTED here in part) in an email his plans:

"All eyes will be on the Iowa Caucus in just a few days.

And the radical Homosexual Lobby is out in full-force pushing their anti-Family presidential candidates on Iowa Caucus-goers.

With some candidates just pretending to support Traditional Values, it's important Public Advocate sets the record straight........

Public Advocate has prepared hard-hitting Facebook, twitter and Google ads designed to expose those presidential candidates seeking to betray pro-Family Values.

We are targeting challenging questions to candidates in both major parties with reference to their
policies, statements or donations that seem to oppose traditional family values."

And on twitter we are urging followers of Public Advocate to tweet special messages to candidates."




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why do you oppose religious liberty for business owners

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