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Eugene Delgaudio Assails $25,000 Tax Dollars for New York Prostitute's Sex Change

In an report to supporters, Eugene Delgaudio president of Public Advocate, said (in part):

"Your tax dollars paid for a transsexual hooker named "Magnolia Thunderp****" to have a sex change.

That's right -- it cost taxpayers well over $25,000 as many Medicaid plans have ended bans on so-called "transition" surgeries.

The hooker, Jerome Nimmons, was celebrated by the liberal media with four full pages in a Sunday edition of the New York Times.................

The homosexual lobby and this new transgender insanity ignore science in order to push their radical agenda.

A plethora of medical research from psychologists exposes these "transsexuals" suffer from underlying psychological disorders.

In fact, the renowned Johns Hopkins University Hospital closed their sex change unit because these psychological disorders are made worse by going under the knife.

The radical Left is quick to use false science to claim homosexuality is "normal" but continues to ignore the facts regarding these individuals.

Public Advocate will circulate petitions to Congress to oppose this Gender Insanity as illustrated in this sadly "celebrated" case in New York." said Delgaudio.


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