Defending the family

Rubio falls to 5th Place, as Homosexuals Fail in their Defence of Rubio Against Public Advocate Pressure

"Public Advocate succeeded in getting its important questions about Marco Rubio's silence

on why he has accepted the backing from the homosexual lobby's top donors even as the

homosexual lobby rose to defend him as voters respond and hear our message. There is still

time for Marco Rubio to repudiate the demands of this pro-homosexual donor and embrace pro-

family policies publicly," said Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

Headlines from several homosexual lobby official news groups on the web defend Marco Rubio against Public Advocate's public questioning of Rubio's accepting donors.

(Public Advocate) Claims Marco Rubio Is In Bed With The Homosexual Lobby

"Why has the homosexual lobby's wealthiest activist just thrown his money behind Senator Marco Rubio for president?"

Public Advocate, for 34 years ) spends most of his time now railing against liberals and homosexuals. (And, presumably, liberal homosexuals.).............

Delgaudio is reportedly stalking Marco Rubio's presidential campaign, accusing the senator of being part of the devious gay agenda because he accepted support from pro-LGBT billionaire Paul Singer.

..............Delgaudio and his followers have posted hundreds of signs at Rubio events in New Hampshire that read "Ask Rubio About Ties to Gay Lobby" and "Ask Marco about Gay Lobby Donor$"

Another Pro-Gay Blog Whines and Crys:

Eugene Delgaudio Stalks Rubio Campaign

(Public Advocate) is stalking the Rubio campaign with signs accusing him of being part of that famously well-appointed Homosexual Lobby due the support of pro-gay billionaire Paul Singer. (Public Advocate) writes:

Why has the Homosexual Lobby's wealthiest activist just thrown his money behind Senator Marco Rubio for President? Public Advocate is in New Hampshire asking that question today- in New Hampshire- in every major city. Volunteers have posted hundreds of large 2 foot by 2 foot signs on four foot wooden stakes that say "Ask Rubio About Ties to Gay Lobby" and "Ask Marco? about Gay Lobby Donor $" at events organized by the Rubio for President campaign. Included in the "sign wave" are giant red valentines from large greeting cards and craft stores so that arriving guests to the Rubio sponsored events are greeted with the message "Ask Rubio," etc.

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