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Public Advocate Presses Marco Rubio at Rally on "Homosexual Lobby Donor" Questions

Today, Saturday, Feb. 27, hundreds of signs of protest were posted in the town of Purceville, Virginia and at the campus where presidential candidate Marco Rubio will appear Sunday, Feb. 28.

"On the day before candidate Rubio appears and the day of his appearance, Sunday Feb. 28, volunteers from Public Advocate will post and hold signs questioning him with questions about his hiring pro-gay lobbyists and receiving substantial support from gay rights donors, says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, "and we continue to ask him to answer our presidential survey to assure pro-family voters he is not afraid to stand for our principles."

More signs will be posted Sunday morning at the Patrick Henry College site in Purceville, Va. where the candidate will appear at a rally at their Hodel Center.

The signs are at dozens of locations near Patrick Henry College and at major street intersections around the town of Purceville and have the words "Ask Rubio about his pro-Gay donors" and Marco Rubio Loves Gay Lobby? and "Rubio, are you in the pocket of the Gay Lobby?" printed on them.

The dimensions are 2 feet by 3 feet and some of the signs feature giant red Valeintine hearts.

27 Photos of signs posted today Saturday Feb. 27 and to be posted on Sunday Feb. 28

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate said further:

For weeks Public Advocate has been exposing Rubio's ties to a billionaire pro-Homosexual Lobby donor Paul Singer and urging pro-Family Americans to encourage Rubio to cut ties with the donor.

It was reported earlier that Rubio's deputy campaign manager, Rich Beeson, signed a writ of certiorari encouraging the U.S. Supreme Court to legalize homosexual "marriage."

Rubio's decision to hire a deputy campaign manager who directly helped usher in homosexual "marriage" concerns pro-family supporters of Public Advocate.

Senator Marco Rubio could easily repudiate the radical Homosexual Lobby and go on the record for supporting Traditional Values by filling out and returning his Public Advocate presidential survey.


But he, Rubio, continues to ignore the calls from thousands of pro-Family Americans instead.

In the New Hampshire primary earlier this year, Public Advocate succeeded in getting its important questions about Marco Rubio's silence out to voters on why he has accepted the backing from the homosexual lobby's top donors.

The homosexual lobby even defends Rubio as voters respond and hear our message.

Reports on the New Hampshire effort here:

There is still time for Marco Rubio to repudiate the demands of this pro-homosexual donor and embrace pro-family policies publicly," said Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.


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