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President Obama demands: "Allow Men in Children, pre-school and Womens' Bathrooms, North Carolina"

The Obama Administration is threatening to defund North Carolina kindergarten classes, unless North Carolina allows those kindergarten bathrooms to be "co-ed".

The Homosexual Lobby refers to this as "transgender bathrooms," but that's just a cover term for allowing anyone -- regardless of age -- to use any bathroom (or locker room, changing rooms ect.) they want to.

Elementary Schools and pre-schools and day care centers all must comply with this announced Presidential preference.

Especially if it's a facility for the opposite gender.

Under these "transgender bathroom" rules, grown and fully-biological men would be allowed to use girls' restrooms in public schools.

Girls of all ages -- even kindergartners -- could be exposed to grown men.

"This new Obama-imposed policy is grotesque and a clear violation of these young girls' human rights to privacy and personal security.Typically, Republican liberals and Obama's allies in his own party and in the news media are silent," said Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

Men who claim the "transgender protection" are completely unverified and unaccountable.

Any man can simply claim to be a "woman" that day and have free use of the bathrooms. They don't have to undergo surgery, wear a dress or even grown their hair long.

Any man could simply walk into the ladies restroom, and when confronted merely declare "I am a woman."

And this is the future Obama is demanding for North Carolina school children.

The Obama Administration has no jurisdiction over North Carolina in this matter.

And it is even more outrageous that the president would attack North Carolina's funding to enforce an agenda so recklessly dangerous.

Public Advocate is calling on all Pro-Family Americans to stand strong with North Carolina in this matter of Presidential Abuse.

Please contact Governor McCrory's office and thank him for setting the example in protecting American school children.

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