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Public Advocate Challenged Former Speaker Hastert, Accused of Molesting Young Men

Public Advocate Challenged Former Speaker Hastert, Accused of Molesting Young Men

Former Speaker Dennis Hastert is accused of molesting young men many years ago when
he was a high school wrestling coach in a current federal trial on charges he failed to properly explain to FBI investigators, the purposes for which he, former Speaker Hastert, was withdrawing
money from the bank.

Source: The Hill, Hastert asks for Probation

Source: Star Tribuine, Hastert Timeline


"Public Advocate was critical on behalf of its members of Mr. Hastert when he was the Speaker many times. There were those in the Washington Establishment who covered up for Mr. Hastert's policies and therefore must bear some responsbility for their also allowing their bad judgement to be compounded now by these recent allegations and developments-- which Public
Advocate was attempting to address at the time and was rebuffed, " said Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

In 2006, Public Advocate specifically asked Speaker Hastert if he believed the Homosexual life style was immoral?

Specific question in the 2006 Congressional Survey which Hastert refused to answer for respond to Public Advocate

"8) Is homosexuality an immoral lifestyle choice?

9) Do you believe that you can respect homosexuals as people while
opposing the political agenda of the homosexual lobby?"

In 2004 Public Advocate Was Critical of Speaker Hastert

Delgaudio said:

Unfortunately there are still many candidates (including Speaker Hastert as named) who did not return the survey by the Sept. 1 deadline.

"I think these politicians are afraid. They know the American public won't like the answers they give. They are afraid of people knowing the truth," said Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio. "These politicians think if they can ignore the survey and the American people we will just go away. We have to show them they are grossly mistaken. It the fight for the American family, all elected leaders must take a stand. You are either with the American family or you are with the radical homosexual lobby. Public Advocate encourages all pro-family Americans to view the non-responders as if they would have answered all the questions in opposition to the family."

In 2005, Public Advocate was critical of Speaker Hastert

Delgaudio said

"In a deplorable act of hitting the pro-family movement twice at once, the House of Representatives passed the Ted Kennedy Thought Control Bill (or so-called "Hate Crimes Bill") while the Nation was focused on the Roberts confirmation hearings," stated Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio. "What is worse is that they attached this outrageous legislation to the Children's Safety Act. It is nothing short of disgusting that the radical homosexual lobby would stoop to the level of politicizing the important issue of protecting our kids by putting this poison pill in the bill.

"Public Advocate will not stand idly by while the Republican congressional leadership allows this legislation, which would punish thoughts instead of actions

In 2006, Public Advocate Demanded, of Speaker Hastert, A Criminal Investigation
of former Congressman Mark Foley who Speaker Hastert denied
any prior knowledge.

Other Actions (Partial List) Taken by Public Advocate that were critical of Speaker Hastert:

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