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Meet the Republican traitors, who supported Obama's transgender edicts

Reposted from June 1 2016 posting.

Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio said "Public Advocate is a non-partisan group and is critical of both Republican and Democratic Party officials who backstab and betray the American family. The House of Representatives is controlled by the Republican party so we are critical of those who break from the majority party that controls the House in matters related to the pro-family causes."

Delgaudio also said "Last week the House came within one vote of passing pro-gay rights legislation which Public Advocate has opposed, and which would help President Obama to destroy the American family. Conservative radio host Mark Levin and National Review's Maggie Gallagher have remarked about the particular betrayal of 43 Republicans in the House who voted with Obama on these anti-family policies. Gallagher asked, in response to a tweet from Daniel Horowitz, : Will these social-conservative turncoats face real political consequences?."

Finally, Delgaudio said, "Yes Ms. Gallagher, Mr. Levin and Mr. Horrowitz, Public Advocate will make sure pro-family Americans know who these turncoats are. We post them here and will ask our supporters to communicate their disappointment over this betrayal."

Levin discusses the betrayal last week on his radio show (see youtube video)

Who are the 43 Republicans who actively sided with the Democrats so fully that they were willing to insert transgender protections in an unrelated bill?

Here is the list of the GOP 43: Amash (Mich., third congressional district), Brooks, S. (Ind., 5), Coffman (Colo., 6), Costello (Penn., 6), Curbelo (Fla., ), Davis, R. (Ill., 13), Denham (Calif., 10), Dent (Penn., 15), Diaz-Balart (Fla., 25), Dold (Ill., 10), Donovan (N.Y., 11), Emmer (Minn., 6), Fitzpatrick (Penn., 8), Frelinghuysen (N.J., 11), Gibson (N.Y., 19), Heck (Nev., 3), Hurd (Texas, 23), Issa (Calif., 49), Jolly (Fla., 13), Katko (N.Y., 24), Kinzinger (Ill., 16), Lance (N.J., 7), LoBiondo (N.J., 2), MacArthur (N.J., 3), McSally (Ariz., 2), Meehan (Penn., 7), Messer (Ind., 6), Paulsen (Minn., 3), Poliquin (Maine, 2), Reed, (N.Y., 23), Reichert (Wash., 8), Renacci (Ohio, 16), Rooney (Fla., 17), Ros-Lehtinen (Fla., 27), Shimkus (Ill., 15), Stefanik (N.Y., 21), Upton (Mich., 6), Valadao (Calif., 21), Walden (Ore., 2), Walters (Calif., 45), Young, D. (Iowa, 3), Young, T. (Ind., 9), Zeldin (N.Y., 1).

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