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Tim LaHaye Passes From Earth, Author Who 'Left Behind' a Long Legacy

Tim LaHaye Passes From Earth, Author Who 'Left Behind' a Long Legacy

Christianity Today reports

Tim LaHaye, the best-selling author best known for the Left Behind series, "graduated to heaven" early this morning after suffering a stroke at age 90....................

"Thrilled as I am that he is where he has always wanted to be, his departure leaves a void in my soul I don't expect to fill until I see him again," stated Jerry B. Jenkins, who co-wrote the Left Behind books with LaHaye , in the obituary released by the LaHaye family. [Jenkins wrote a tribute for CT on "the Tim LaHaye I knew."]

The founder and president of Tim LaHaye Ministries and founder of the PreTrib Research Center, LaHaye sold 62 million copies of the series with Jenkins. "In terms of its impact on Christianity, it's probably greater than that of any other book in modern times, outside the Bible," the late Jerry Falwell, a friend of LaHaye's, told Time magazine in 2005.

Public Advocate Note: Dr. LaHaye formed Concerned Women of America with his wife Beverly and also formed the group Council for National Policy and many other groups and churches for many years.


LaHaye was a key figure in conservative political groups, encouraging the Rev. Jerry Falwell to create the Moral Majority, forming the Council for National Policy, a secretive strategy group for prominent political and religious conservatives, and, along with his wife, Beverly, starting Concerned Women for America in 1979, as an alternative to liberal feminist organizations.

He was also a prolific nonfiction writer, writing more than 60 additional books, including the Christian sex manual "The Act of Marriage" and "The Battle for the Mind," whose denunciations of secularism helped rouse the religious right.

FILE - In an April 4, 2004 file photo, co-authors Tim Lahaye, left, and Jerry B. Jenkins sign copies of their newest book Glorious Appearing in Bossier City, La. LaHaye, the author of the multimillion best-selling "Left Behind" novels about the return of Jesus and the rapture, died Monday, July 25, 2016, in San Diego days after suffering a stroke, according to his publicist. He was 90 years old. (Shane Bevel/The ( Shreveport ) Times via AP, File)

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