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America-hating NFL RATINGS PLUMMET DOWN -Millions Boycott NFL

Millions Boycott NFL


There's no denying that the numerous #BoycottNFL online campaigns and fan outrage aimed at the National Anthem protests in the NFL have taken a toll in terms of viewership...

now the league is on pace for its lowest ratings in years... Overall, MNF's (Monday Night Football's) ratings are down a whopping 19% this year.

Overall, MNF's ratings are down a whopping 19% this year, according to Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch.

Wall Street Journal reports
Ratings Fumble for NFL Surprises Networks, Advertisers

The NFL has been sacked for a loss.

Once considered immune to the audience erosion plaguing the television industry, ratings for the National Football League have tumbled through the first four weeks of the season.

TV networks have bet heavily on sports in general, and the NFL in particular, because of the must-see value of their content. While more viewers are watching commercial-free streaming services like Netflix or recording shows on DVRs and skipping the ads, sports is still primarily watched live, making it valuable to advertisers.

Shock poll: A third of NFL TV viewers boycotting games because of Colin Kaepernick-led protests

Sporting News reports:

It's the Kaepernick Effect, stupid.

The alarming fall in NFL TV ratings this season is partly because of fan anger over on-field protests by Colin Kaepernick and other players of the American flag/national anthem, according to pollster Rasmussen Reports.

TV ratings for NBC's "Sunday Night Football," the top-rated prime-time show for five years running, are down 10 percent, according to SportsBusiness Daily. CBS' "Thursday Night Football" numbers, meanwhile, are off 15 percent from last year.

ESPN's "Monday Night Football" numbers have taken the worst beating. They're down a whopping 19 percent.'s one of the only polls I've seen where we've actually asked viewers their thoughts on the double-digit drop in the NFL's prime TV ratings through Week 4 of the 2016 season.

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