Defending the family

2019 Protect the American Family Survey (For citizens)


  1. Will you oppose any of your elected representatives hiring homosexual activists?
  2. Do you support necessary Congressional actions to reverse recent Obama Administration regulations allowing openly declared homosexuals having tax benefits by filling under any married status on their federal taxes?

  3. Do you oppose the adoption of children by homosexual couples?
  4. Will you oppose any of your elected representatives accepting any financial or political support from the homosexual lobby?
  5. Will you vote in favor of a reintroduced version of former Rep. Marilyn Musgrave's Traditional Marriage Amendment to the U.S. Constitution clearly defining marriage to be a union of one man and one women?
  6. Do you oppose giving any special rights to homosexuals through legislation such as the "Gay Bill of Rights?"

  7. Would you oppose legislation adding "sexual orientation" to the list of special protections for hiring in the private sector including churches, schools, hospitals and day care facilities?

  8. Do you oppose legal minority status for homosexuals?
  9. Do you oppose the late Senator Ted Kennedy's Thought Control Bill, known as the "Hate Crimes Bill" which makes promoting moral values promoted by the World's major relgious institutitions illegal?

  10. Is homosexuality an immoral lifestyle choice?
  11. Do you believe, as we do at Public Advocate, that you can respect homosexuals as people while opposing the political agenda of the homosexual lobby?

  12. Would you support elected officials who vote to impeach judges who legislate the homosexual agenda from the bench?
  13. Would you vote or support an amendment or law protecting ex-homosexuals, who have renounced their former lifestyle, from discrimination based on their new heterosexuality to any referendum or bill being promoted by the homosexual lobby?