Defending the family

2018 Protect the American Family Survey (For candidates)

(congressional candidates)


    1. I will Oppose the Employment Non-Discrimination Act -- better known as the Gay Bill of Special Rights -- should it come up for a vote in the Senate in the future.

    1. I will Oppose the Student Non-Discrimination Act -- better known as the Homosexual Classrooms Act -- in every vote, whether it be Committee, Procedural or Floor.
  1. I will Oppose the Respect for Marriage Act -- better known as the Offense of Marriage Act -- and any attempt to force homosexual "marriage" upon the entire country via the federal government

  2. I will Support legislation to protect the Right of individual states to keep the definition of real marriage as one man and one woman for themselves.

  3. I hereby Pledge to do whatever I can to stop federal courts and bureaucrats from forcing homosexual values, homosexual "marriage" and homosexual privileges on states or businesses.

  4. I will Support investigations into the allegations that US military leadership is forcing servicemen and women to endorse the radical Homosexual Agenda and homosexual "marriage."

  5. I will work to Repeal the 2009 Hate Crimes Bill -- better known as the Thought Control Act -- which punishes Christian businesses for taking 1st Amendment stands against homosexuality.

  6. I will Oppose the appointment of any radical supporter of the Homosexual Agenda as an ambassador, judge or to any position in the executive branch.

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