Defending the family

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  • I praise you for what you are doing... I never thought I'd live to see what is happening in our country and why so many are supporting it. Are there any moral values left in this world?
    Ms. Roberta R., NC
  • My heart goes out to you, your dear family and your staff for all the hardship, stress and intense battle with these perverse creatures... To battle their agenda is literally storming the gates of hell... Thank you for all that you do.
    Linda V., AR
  • You are strong and God will place the needed words in your heart as needed. Stand tall and strong! I am with you.
    Liliosa S., VT
  • Yes we need to get the Homosexual Agenda stopped. It is sloppy and rotten. You know as well as I that our Country was founded on "In God we Trust." I don't want to see our wonderful and what used to be Christian Nation go down the drain.
    Katherine S., KS
  • I already knew how vicious and terrible the Pro Gay supporters are... I ache to hear about how your family has been threatened by these monsters. I am a veteran of WWII and certainly did not place my life on the line for this trash to happen.
    Don W., CA
  • My heart goes out to you and my prayers are with you for your strength, protection and family. I appreciate you so much for the work and concern you have for family. May God pour a double portion of His Spirit into you to keep on going.
    Bertha A., PA
  • Thank you for your caring work, caring for the heart of this country, the family, comprised of one man and one woman, and their children, according to God's perfect plan in His perfect creation. Your work is so important and has been so successful keeping at bay devil's advocates for so long. God is truly with you.
    Helen D., AZ
  • You are a very brave man. Remember you are not alone. "He who fights sin single-handed is more of a hero I say than he who leads soldiers to battle or conquers by arms in the fray."
    Mary T., WA
  • God bless you for your concern over this (Family Values) and give you every opportunity to speak for what is right. We as Christians are to stand and be light and salt to a dying world.
    Carolyn C., IN
  • Thank you for your tireless effort to fight the homosexual lobby. I know it has taken it's toll... Keep up the fight as long as you can.
    Robert R., OH
  • You seem to be doing a difficult job very well. I am so sorry you are having to battle the homosexuals... the Bible clearly says that the homosexuals are a no-no. So you will have God's backing... Right thinking citizens are behind you.
    Nancy A., VA
  • Take heart and courage. God is watching and we will win in the end. Thank you for doing work that others aren't and for keeping us informed.
    Ted F., NC
  • I want to applaud you for your grit, tenacity & fortitude for being at the front of the battle of this evil practice. We sing from the same page in hatred for this lifestyle.
    Wayne B., MI
  • Keep fighting! You're on God's side and He won't forget it; in fact, you will get a great reward for it!!! Don't give up the fight! Those who fight on God's side, for this cause, will receive a great reward!!!
    Anita A., VA
  • Thank you so much for fighting the battle that you have been in for all these years. We your supporter's can only imagine what sacrifices you and your family are going through. It is truly a fight between good and evil... None of us are above suffering, but you are in the front line and I thank you for that... The benefits are out of this world.
    Joseph G., MI
  • Don't give up. You are on of the good Lord's evangelists fighting for right which are given to all, especially for those who work in any capacity as you do. You are apart of this faithful army.
    Mary D., IA
  • I just wanted you to know that you are appreciated for the time, effort and sacrifice you have made on behalf of the Christian families across America. Surely our Lord is using you for this work, and knows all too well what you have been through
    June M., WA
  • May God grant you and your family peace... Keep the faith. I can't understand completely what you are going through. Thank you for loving our Lord as to continue to do His work.
    Janet T., KY
  • May the good Lord bless you and protect you... your reward is in heaven with Jesus and the Father. Theirs is in Hell with Satan, they will spend eternity in Hell with Satan. Hang in their, God can and will help.
    Ross A., NY
  • I will be praying for you and your family and those who work with you as you stand firm against all the forces of evil, the rejecters of our wonderful Lord and His truth.
    Merdie H., NC
  • Thank you for your longtime dedication for sexual morality and keeping the perversion of the Homosexual Agenda and lifestyle out of the legislative control of our country. We'll continue to pray for you and your family.
    Carol F., CA
  • God bless you for standing you ground in the defense of our freedom in the face of the radical Homosexual onslaught. I realize the attacks have come stronger and faster and on many fronts... We must stand strong and not be willing to give way -not even an inch. Like our soldiers, we need to be vigilant and strong. I am praying for you.
    Myra W., CA
  • All this time you have been fighting the Homosexual Agenda and congress to prevent laws favoring them. I give my hat to you and your efforts... In your letter you mention the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah - true! We don't want the same thing to happen to the United States.
    John H., ME
  • My hand is going into "retirement!" I am for everything you stand for. I wish Washington had more like you! I enjoyed your letter... Good luck and God bless you.
    Katheryn B., TX
  • You are a hero to me! God bless you/ your family/ your efforts!! My on-going prayers for success in this mission! God keep you (& us) strong and give our nation victory over this Evil Gay Agenda! Wish I could do more!!
    Sylvia R., IN
  • I only wish I could fund you totally, but 2007 was a disastrous year for me and I am barely scraping by... But money is what you need and I only wish I had it to give you because you are doing a job that few people would have the courage to do. Please know that you all are ihn my prayers and I thank God for you.
    Lee W., GA
  • They sure are giving you a hard time. I don't care about Hillary and her cronies I worry about you not them. They are sure making it rough for you and I am glad you're not alone, you got somebody there all the time. Sorry it has taking me so long to write - I fell and hurt my arm and leg.
    Eleanor B., IL