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Public Advocate Overthrows Homosexual Lobby Regime in Virginia

Permission granted in advance to quote in part or in whole.

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate said today, Wednesday, November 3, 2021:

"Virginia's gubernatorial and state-wide elections have shocked the Homosexual Lobby.

In what turned into a massive referendum on the inclusion of Gender Corruption Theory and Critical Race Theory in grade schools, Virginia voters rejected the Democratic Party -- which has held the governorship and senior positions for eight years.

Right now, the races for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general have all been called for the challenging Republican candidates.

The House of Delegates -- firmly in the control of the Democratic Party before the election -- is now in serious danger of flipping as well.

The seat for the 63rd District has been comfortably held by the Democratic Party for decades. But it now appears it will be flipped by outraged voters.

Exit polling has shown that the issue clearly driving this political upset is the fight to clear radical liberal ideology out of school lessons for children.

This fight has been led by Public Advocate for years, but reached a fevered pitch last June in Loudoun County.

During a massive parent outcry over the inclusion of Gender Corruption Theory in their schools, the Loudoun County School Board tried to brutally suppress the people.

During his prepared remarks, State Senator Dick Black (ret.) -- a close friend and ally to Public Advocate -- had his mic cut off to silence his hard-hitting words.


When the crowd showed their support for Senator Black by loudly condemning the act of censorship, the school board members illegally tried to end the meeting by leaving the building.

Public Advocate field coordinator Jon Tigges stepped up and organized the parents to continue giving their comments in an orderly and law-abiding fashion.

It was at this point that the school board sent in rogue police officers to bust up the meeting.

Mr. Tigges was arrested for refusing to surrender his right to free speech. Mr. Scott Smith was arrested for trying to publicly report the rape of his daughter by a "transgender" student -- and the school district's subsequent coverup.

This assault on concerned parents shocked both the Old Dominion and the nation. Since then, parents have rallied to dozens and dozens of school board meetings, demanding that pornographic filth and gender corruption be removed from their children's schools.

You can find a list of identified pornographic "children's" materials here.

The National School Boards Association and the FBI have responded to these concerned parents by labeling them "Domestic Terrorists" and opening absurd investigations designed to harass and intimidate.

A growing list of elected officials have spoken out in support of Public Advocate's efforts.

First, the Mayor of Hudson Ohio called for his entire school board to resign or face criminal child pornography charges.

Then Lt. Governor Robinson of North Carolina upset the Homosexual Lobby by firmly holding to his condemnation of Gender Corruption and Homosexual Agenda materials as "filth."

And now Governor Stitt of Oklahoma has declared he will not allow his state to issue "alternate gender" identifications -- pointing out that gender is a biological fact.

"As early as January, I saw that the Virginia election would be a critical indicator of how the 2022 nation-wide elections would go. And by Election Day, every expert in the country was in agreement," explained Public Advocate's president, Eugene Delgaudio.

The fight over the schools is undeniably the issue that stirred voters to make a radical change in Virginia.

Public Advocate expects that the Homosexual Lobby's assault on our nation's children will be a central issue in the mid-term elections to come and is already ramping up efforts to prepare for this.

"We are formally calling on elected officers at all levels -- state representatives/delegates and senators, mayors and sheriffs, governors and lieutenant governors, state attorney generals, Congressmen and U.S. Senators -- to take action now," said President Delgaudio.

"Providing pornographic materials to anyone under 18 is both criminal and morally reprehensible. Simply slapping an "education" label on it does not change it's substance."

"Take action now. Hold rogue school board members, school administrators and teachers accountable for violating and abusing young students. File charges, do your job."

"All allies of the Homosexual Lobby would be wise to take a lesson from the Virginia upset -- parents are fed up with this sexually perverse garbage being shoved down their children's throats," warned President Delgaudio.