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Public Advocate is with freedom riders in 2023 and Joe Biden is today's Ku Klux Klan

Permission Granted in Advance to Quote in whole or in part. For Release 2 PM April 7 2023

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Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate released this statement to his supporters today, at 2 PM EST,

UPDATED APRIL 10, 2023 2:30 PM EST

Delgaudio said:

"Joe Biden is claiming the Tennesee Republicans are racist and "undemocratic" for expelling two Black representatives the House of Representatives for leading a takeover of the Tennesee House this week.

However it is Joe Biden who has waged "undemocratic" war against Black candidates and there is a long list of Democratic Party candidates who are victims of Joe Biden's racism.

(Added) Over the years, both major parties in Tennessee seem to take candidates off the party nomination ballot or allow the harrassment of rivals in the election process, or recently remove them outright in recent days. The news media unfairly ignores the practice in one major party, the Democratic Party. (end of added text)

In fact, Joe biden and the Democratic party have an established pattern of expelling black people from the ballot in Tennessee for a decade.

Biden is a hypocrite in Tennesee for removing moderate (pro-family) black Congressional candidate Memphis Marion LeTroy Alexandria-Williams from the ballot for U.S. Congress twice (2018 and 2020) but was forced by a Federal court to post Memphis Marion LeTroy Alexandria-Williams on 2022 Democratic party ballot. Public Advocate fought for this black moderate candidate to be on the ballot.

LeTroy Alexandria-Williams was allowed on the 2022 ballot only after a federal court ordered his placement on the ballot opposite white liberal Steve Cohen.

Biden is a hypocrite in Tennessee for attempting to force moderate (pro-family) Black Councilman Jonathan Hall Nashville, Tenn. from the ballot by filing a frivilous financial disclosure complaint resulting in a $360,000 fine that bars him from running for re-election. Public Advocate fought for this candidate to recieve a fair hearing and it is the subject of continuing litigation.

Public Advocate is fighting to overturn an unfair $360,000 fine for a minor disclosure mistake against pro-life Councilman Jonathan Hall in Nashville, Tennesee.

And here is report on Public Advocate representatives filing complaints against Joe Biden's purge of candidates previously.

Biden is a hypocrite in Tennesee for removing long time moderate (pro-family) Black Representative John DeBerry in 2020 from the Democratic Party ballot, preventing him from having ballot status. Deberry served 26 years and was a pro-family advocate all his years.

See Tennessean for Biden's Democratic Party voting to expell John DeBerry.

Because of Public Advocate persistent support of federal court proceedings against Joe Biden, Biden was forced to accept black people on the ballot in the Democratic Party in Tennessee in the 2022 federal election.

Biden is the racist anti-black political boss in Tennesee who was forced to accept black candidates into the Democratic Party in 2022.

Public Advocate has been supporting access to the Democratic Party process for mainstream Black citizens in Tennessee for a decade. Joe Biden and his forces have been expelling Black citizens from the Democratic Party from the party and elections for a decade.

And it is no small coincidence that Joe Biden and his Democrat Party waged public war against white candidate Mark Clayton for U.S. Senator in 2012 since his name was the same as the black football hero Mark Clayton.

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Public Advocate asks, and is preparing a legal demand, in court to find out all the candidates Joe Biden and the Democratic party has been removing from the ballot in Tennesee for the past ten years.

Joe Biden is "undemocratic". Public Advocate is with the freedom riders in 2023 and Joe Biden is today's Ku Klux Klan, " Delgaudio said.

Photo caption:

Public Advocate's vice president Mark Clayton assisted Memphis Marion LeTroy Alexandria-Williams to gain ballot status as a candidate for Congress

Public Advcocate representative Mark Clayton at Election Finance Hearing