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Mass Media Ignores Purge of Black Candidates from Tennessee Ballot during Presidential Debate

Congressman Steve Cohen Mocks A.G. 'Chicken' Barr by Eating KFC at Hearing

Congressman Steve Cohen Mocks A.G. 'Chicken' Barr by Eating KFC at Hearing


Public Advocate of the US calls on Attorney General William Barr to order his Tennessee offices to follow up on previous priority Attorney General memorandums giving Religious Liberty a top priority standing and to launch a criminal investigation into famous Fried Chicken eater Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen and the national Democratic Party as well as Republican operatives who are helping them inflict Jim Crow election rigging against black candidates in the South.

Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio said "We condemn in the strongest terms the current practice of the Democratic Party holding fake elections by taking known Democratic Party leaders who are black, or Christians, off of the ballot in part, to give famous Fried Chicken eater Representative Steve Cohen, among others, an easy ride to Congress in a fraudelent re-election. Public Advocate urges a thorough, immediate, emergency criminal investigation into this alleged racist practice."

Delgaudio said:

"We specifically bring to your attention a civil complaint supported by Public Advocate's civil rights program, and filed by Mr. M. Latroy Alexandria-Williams, alleges serious election law violations and possible crimes against black candidates and voters to include violations of USCS Sections 1983, 1985, 1986, the Voting Rights Act, and RICO.

Other black leaders are planning to join the lawsuit, and the Memphis Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) has informed Mr. Alexandria-Williams that they are with him all the way.

Besides Nashville being the site of the last Presidential debate,the Attorney General for the United States, William Barr, was in Memphis, Tennessee yesterday, where the brief is filed.

The complaint against Mary Mancini the chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Party, is posted here and is the type of complaint which should be taken up by the Justice Department Civil Rights Division as opposed to leaving impacted Black Christians with the burden to fend for themselves in civil court as victims of what are allegedly very serious crimes and civil rights violations.

We point out that there is a existing priority given by AG William Barr dealing with discrimination actions against Christians in place and the respective Tennessee offices of the Justice Department have religious liberty responsibilities to this existing AG order and posted
priority instructions to all offices, " said Delgaudio




Item 64 of particulars in the federal criminal complaint allege "The objectives of Tennessee Democratic Committee (criminal enterprise) were to force Plaintiff Williams out of the U.S. Congressional race and even the Democratic Party."

This "series of fraudulent schemes" benefited the "defender of voter rights" the chicken eating Steve Cohen who mocked Attorney General William Barr.

Public Advocate of the United States has primary sources which have confirmed that the national Democratic Party (DNC) is fully briefed on the Jim Crow election rigging against black candidates and voters in the South and has done nothing to stop it -- and may actually be encouraging the racist practices.

Public Advocate previously reported representatives being in Memphis, Tennessee on August 8th, as part of a program to assist in the development of the civil rights research, brief, and litigation.

In a posted video from Mr. Williams, he thanks Public Advocate for helping him and other Christians like him in his legal complaints of racism on the part of leaders in the Democratic Party.

Additional Background: AS PREVIOUSLY REPORTED by Public Advocate on AUGUST 8th 2020

Video: Chicken Man Rep. Steve Cohen reelection bid is accused of violating the Voting Rights Act and RICO Claims from Own Black Constituents

Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen ate fried chicken in front of America to call Attorney General Barr a chicken but is eating chicken out of both sides of his mouth.

On one hand Rep. Steve Cohen talks about the Voting Rights Act recently at the funeral of the late John Lewis-- but some black Christian voters in his district are not allowed to vote against Rep. Cohen because Cohen's friends removed a major legitimate black candidate from running against him.

Representative Cohen's constituents are filing a Voting Rights Act and RICO suit to challenge Cohen's primary nomination victory and candidacy on the November ballot election as illegal because black opposition from within his party are not allowed to appear on the ballot against Cohen.

There is opposition to incumbent Steve Cohen on the November 2020 Ballot from a Republican and two independents.

Cohen also known as chicken man for eating chicken at a Congressional hearing with AG William Barr, ironically stating he was a defender of voting rights at the John Lewis funeral.

" Cohen was among those saying Lewis's death comes at a time of struggle for voting rights in America."

After the service, Cohen said the remarks were appropriate, including an op-ed piece by Lewis published posthumously Thursday in the New York Times.

"If there's ever a time when we need to save America and save freedom and opportunity and democracy and tolerance - it's in November," he told The Daily Memphian. "It was appropriate that people brought it up and encouraged everybody to vote."

Billboards call local politician (STEVE COHEN) a racist

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