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The Gay Bill of Special Rights Is On the Verge of Passing

After ramming Ted Kennedy's Thought control bill through both houses (click here to read more), Barney Frank and the Homosexual Lobby are focused on passing the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

Now that they own both Houses of Congress and the White House, Radical Homosexuals are already planning victory parties.

And you know what? They might just be right.

As payment for the Homosexual Lobby's support of his campaign, Barney Frank introduced the Gay Bill of Special Rights and recently boasted that he is "on track" to pass the bill this year.

Barack Obama has vowed to "place the weight of [his] administration" behind passage of Frank's legislation.

The Homosexual Lobby is very close to achieving their vision of an America that embraces homosexuality as an "alternative lifestyle" to be experimented with.

If the Gay Bill of Special Rights passes, employers could be forced to hire and kept from firing homosexuals.

Business owners could be forced to apply government mandated quotas of employees or face the Obama Administration's wrath.

Day cares, private schools, and even churches could be forced to hire open homosexuals under fear of federal persecution.

But the Gay Bill of Special Rights is only the beginning of their Radical Agenda.

The Homosexual Lobby wants to force their lifestyle on you and your family.

They want your children to be subjected to an education about homosexual "relationships" and told that such behavior is normal.

They want to criminalize your freedom to speak out about your religious beliefs.

I'm determined not to let that happen.

You can be sure that Public Advocate is fighting the Homosexual Lobby every step of the way.

We are contacting millions of people throughout the country to mobilize them in the defense of family values.

With the help of pro-family grassroots supporters, Public Advocate will show that Congress cannot run roughshod over traditional morals and values.

Public Advocate depends solely on your support.
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