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Major News Media "Reports" Serial Homosexual Rapist -- PA Warned USA

Major news media in Connecticut uses the word "molest" for violent homosexual raping of hospitalized men too weak from recoving from illness or operations instead of the word "rape" in describing the criminal assault by a homosexual attacker (yes we said homosexual attacker)," says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

"Like the massive assault on men in the military documented in the latest reports,the major news media just yawns and discusses "possible trends" in a non-judgemental tone. Public Advocate warned homosexual attacks would sky rocket with the opening of the military to openly proclaimed homosexuals and we predicted assaults would skyrocket in all fields including hospitals when they are forced to hire openly homosexual employees and here we are, " says Delgaudio.

From Connecticut Post

BRIDGEPORT, CONN. -- The tears welled up in Martin Chalecki's eyes as he recalled not being able to scream when a male hospital employee allegedly molested him as he lay in bed suffering from pancreatitis.

"I wanted to scream in the worst way -- I tried to scream, but because I was on a lot of medication, no sounds would come out," he said Thursday. "This man stood over me, this smile on his face with hands that were cool and dry and did terrible things to me. I will never forget that smile on his face."

But what hurts Chalecki even more than that terrible memory, he said, is that if St. Vincent's Medical Center staff had taken his complaint seriously that day, Feb. 15, the alleged assailant -- now identified as nursing aide Gonzalo Flores -- might not have victimized anyone else, which is what two other hospital patients also accuse him of doing.